50% Local food club

Meeting Nova Scotia Food Producers Halfway – Est. September 2014

50% Local Food Club – Press Release

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Exciting new initiative asks Nova Scotians to reconsider their diets in support of local agriculture and communities

August 13, 2014 – Halifax, N.S. – For the month of September, many Nova Scotians will have something new on their table: a 50% local diet. The goal of the 50% Local Food Club, a joint initiative of local food advocates and organizations province-wide, is to increase purchasing and consumption of locally grown food in our province – and everyone will reap the benefits.

The 50% Local Food Club is an invitation to eaters of all ages, families, educators and schools, and businesses to rethink their relationship with local food; it’s also a challenge to community leaders, elected officials and governments to consider how they can best support this growing movement and work to put more local food on the tables of their constituents. The 50% Local Food Club is expected to attract thousands of participants and supporters across Nova Scotia, as it touches many important issues for residents including improved food security, support for local business owners and economy, and the health benefits of eating fresh and seasonal food.

“With the 50% Local Food Club, Nova Scotians have a unique opportunity to stand with local farmers and put money directly into our economy, in both rural and urban communities,” says Keltie Butler, Executive Director of Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia and one of the initiative organizers. “We are a province of communities and we are being called upon to act – and eat – according to our community values and our shared vision for the future.”

“The 50% Local Food Club is about supporting the local economy by raising awareness about the many products that are being produced right here at home, and by encouraging people to explore the local food available in their own communities,” says Alicia Lake, also a co-organizer. Last year, Lake founded the 50% Local September Club that invited Cape Bretoners to join her in eating a diet of (at least) 50% locally grown food. More than two hundred people from across the island took part in the challenge, paving the way for this year’s province-wide initiative.

To join the 50% Local Food Club, individuals, families, businesses, elected officials, etc. must register online and commit to sourcing 50% of their diet locally for the month of September. To help participants honour their pledge, organizers have created a website of resources including important information on where to shop, where to eat, and 30 days worth of mouth- watering recipes. By registering, participants will also be notified of on-the-ground events taking place in Nova Scotia. https://nslocalfoodclub.wordpress.com/

“This idea is simple but will have a powerful impact in our province,” notes Butler. “By committing to eat 50% locally, Nova Scotians will put money into the pockets of our producers, keep money in our rural communities, and enjoy the delicious bounty of food grown in our province. Everyone eats – and everyone wins.”


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