50% Local food club

Meeting Nova Scotia Food Producers Halfway – Est. September 2014

Lisa MacDonald Joins the 50% Local Food Club

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Lisa M. MacDonald
Chief Administrative Officer, Town of New Glasgow
Twitter – @ngflourish

Lisa MacDonald photo 





1. Why did you decide to take part in the 50% Local Food Club?

It was an easy decision because in our home we already eat over 80% of our food from local producers on a regular basis, and I want to engage others to eat local food and see the benefits to our economy. We have to look at changing our buying behaviours and to be more socially conscious of what we are eating. Supporting our local producers is supporting our local economy. Our municipality initiated the idea of the regional New Glasgow Farmers Market, which not only provides us with healthy eating choices but also acts as a business incubator for new local food producers and artisans. All this keeps the dollars in the community, while supporting local business and the economy of Pictou County.

2. What food/meal are you most looking forward to during the month of September?

We look forward to the variety of produce available specifically during the month of September, but we look forward to every Saturday when we can pick up our local food selection from the New Glasgow Farmers Market, check out some of the new food inventions from our producers — and try new recipes from my cookbook collection with the food we purchased!

3. What do you expect to be most challenging about eating a 50% local diet?

As local food supporters, we have been eating more than 50% local on a regular basis, so it is not that difficult for us. We buy all of our groceries at the local farmers market, and have a small garden on our property. It is a way of life in our home!




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