50% Local food club

Meeting Nova Scotia Food Producers Halfway – Est. September 2014

Paule-Emile LeBlanc Joins the 50% Local Food Club

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Paul Emile LeBlanc
Chief Executive Officer, Caisse populaire de Clare, Pointe-de-l’Église
Twitter – @PaulEmile_LB

Paul Emile LeBlanc - Caisse populaire de Clare 50 PERCENT CLUB 2014

After Caisse populaire de Clare CEO Paul Emile LeBlanc joined the 50 Percent Local Food Club, he called all credit unions and credit union members across the province to encourage them to do the same!

1. Why did you decide to take part in the 50% Local Food Club?

We believe it is important to support our local farmers and food production in our area and province. Plus, we wish to eat healthier!

2. What food/meal are you most looking forward to during the month of September?

I love the local steamed corn, beets — vegetables in general!

3. What do you expect to be most challenging about eating a 50% local diet?

The hardest part seems to be to find the food. I also like it when stores and farm markets have signs for where the food actually comes from. For example, cucumbers, “Grown right here in Digby County,” if you’re selling Driftwood Cucumbers. We have to ensure that the consumers know what food is produced here, so they can make an informed decision to buy locally. We use our sign at the credit union to promote anything local, like a local food fishery such as lobsters, or a local tradesman for work on your house. It’s a very useful tool for the local economy, and many credit unions do the same! Right now on the sign, we have “Join the 50% September Club on Facebook”!

By eating and supporting local, we are helping our neighbors, family and friends by keeping them working here in Nova Scotia. Dollars stay in our local economy. It’s good for everyone.


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