50% Local food club

Meeting Nova Scotia Food Producers Halfway – Est. September 2014

“We need to support our local producers and our local economy in creating a sustainable food chain here in Cape Breton and Nova Scotia.” Pam Eyking Joins the 50% Local Food Club

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Pam Eyking
Member of the Legislative Assembly for Victoria-The Lakes
Email eykingpz@gov.ns.ca

Why did you decide to take part in the 50% Local Food Club?

I knew I wanted to be a part of this movement as soon as I heard about it. I think it’s really important that we never lose sight of the importance that local food production has on our economy and on our health. We need to support our local producers and our local economy in creating a sustainable food chain here in Cape Breton and Nova Scotia. Being a producer for 20 years, I understand the challenges that come along with the industry and I have a real appreciation of how important it is to support our sustainable local food. We need to be able to produce enough food locally to support our population and not rely on outside sources. I think when we choose local, we make a more informed choice about how our foods are being grown. That being said, I know that the wide variety of local food we have in Cape Breton is just plain delicious and nutritious, so I jumped right on board!

What food/meal are you most looking forward to during the month of September?

Choosing a favorite food for me is impossible! I love choosing from a variety of foods every day. Choosing local means you get to have the ultimate amount of nutrients from the foods that you eat since the transport time is so reduced. I love seeing seasonal local product that is being harvested at different times of the year – so my favorite food is fresh!

What do you expect to be most challenging about eating a 50% local diet?

In my family, when we are home, we often have at least 50% local on our plates on a regular basis. We have a garden and a greenhouse at our home and also raise organic turkeys. We support our local fishers and producers by buying local whenever we can. However, the real challenge for me is the travelling I do for my job. When I’m travelling, I don’t always have control over what I’m eating, or what is available to me. I’m going to take this on as a personal challenge to ask questions about what I’m eating and help spread the word across the province about choosing local.


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