50% Local food club

Meeting Nova Scotia Food Producers Halfway – Est. September 2014


The 50% Local Food Club, a month-long initiative to increase consumption and purchasing of local foods in Nova Scotia beginning September 1st, 2014. Why? To support our food producers and farmers, strengthen the local food movement in our province, and simply celebrate food.

So, what is local? 
Eating local can mean different things to different people and we love that! For some, local food is what grows in their own garden, region or province while for others local may be more about relationships than geography. We want to know what eating local means to you!

“It starts with whats in your backyard and works outward.” – Linda Best, FarmWorks Investment Coop & Friends of Agriculture

“It’s about having a relationship with who is producing your food.” – Alicia Lake, founder of the 50% Local Food September Club

keltie chalkboardaldaramarleeGeorgianataliealicia copyBrigetteLocal Jayn

So, what is 50%? Again, we invite you to share your definition or method of calculation. You may decide on:

-50% of your food budget to be spent on local food;

-50% of the food you consume, measured by weight or volume, as local;

-50% of weekly meals use local foods;

-50% of each meal uses local foods


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