50% Local food club

Meeting Nova Scotia Food Producers Halfway – Est. September 2014


Below is a collection of recipes perfect for eating locally-produced food in Nova Scotia during September, and we have collected them from many sources! An additional source for locally inspired recipes is Taste of Nova Scotia, which brings you everything from seafood appetizers to regional cuisine, unique cocktails, and everyday favourites straight from the kitchens and traditions our province.

Feta eggs and toast
Super duper oatmeal
Strawberry smoothie
Breakfast Salad with soft boiled eggs
Kale and onion flip omelette
Pancake/waffle mix
Open faced egg and cheese with maple mustard
Eggy bread (french toast)
Veggie sunrise peppers
Breakfast in a mug
Good morning casserole

Broccoli salad
Bermuda bean salad
Spinach salad with bacon and feta
Fried cheese and arugula salad with apple cider vinaigrette
Kale salad with brussels sprouts and cranberries

Curried spinach and potato soup
Roasted pepper and tomato soup
Beautiful borscht
Leek and Corn Chowder Gratiné

Divine summertime chicken sandwich
Grilled tomato and brie sandwiches
Black bean burritos – Caribbean style

Chicken and apple curry
Cranberry and feta stuffed pork
Beer steak
Cider-braised chicken
Maple apple pork
Lamb stew
Slow roasted carrot chicken
Herb meatballs

Halibut with strawberry salsa
Pasta with oysters, shallots, garlic & tomatoes

Side Dishes
Creamed brussels sprouts
Cauliflower with bacon and mushrooms
Herb grilled vegetables

Vegetarian lasagna with a béchamel sauce
Sweet potato and carrot patties

Easy Fruit Crisp
Seasonally Changing Muffins

Homemade applesauce
Crustless spinach quiche cups


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